What about a business plan that makes the boss satisfied and valuable on

What about a business plan that makes the boss satisfied and valuable on

July 14, 2017 lejlgizx 0

regardless of the site operation novice friends, there are still some work experience buddies, how to design a complete system, the most important is to let the boss satisfied with the website operation scheme has been a headache, QQ and WeChat, more than a friend asked: what Yang boss I want to write a business plan, do not write, do not know where to start? What is the Yang buddies can understand the operation difficulty, I am also a person, feel the operation scheme is very difficult to write, mainly because the head is not a complete operational thinking, the second is for daily operations manager work in the "commander" role is not clear. In order to help these operations, small partners quickly grasp how to plan a complete operational plan, he Yang here to share with you I have planned operations plan ideas, we can refer to!


shared, Mr. Yang wanted us to think about a few questions:


one, what kind of operation plan is valuable?

summed up a sentence: "able to land execution, and improve the conversion rate of the program are valuable.". The ultimate goal of all the business scenarios lies in this. This is what we do in the work of site operations, the general direction, remember that all the site’s operational decisions, in order to improve the conversion rate!


two, the boss will pay more attention to what is in the program,


operation scheme not only has value, should also let the boss satisfied, otherwise you can only be underappreciated; what kind of love the boss general plan? Here is your idea:

1, Vernacular: don’t be so tall, that is others cannot read, the boss cannot read is no good;

2 and use charts or tables: the biggest benefit is intuitive, easy to understand, and fine charts or tables can enhance your impression of your boss.

3, clear effect prediction: do not say a lot, and finally do not even have an expected goal, the implication is that you want to use such a program to achieve what?

4, time, time, time! Why say 3 times, any program should have time constraints, let the boss know.

three, what’s the good for a boss satisfied program,


on your good to go, when you haven’t made a start in the performance, the boss is certainly what you recognize you, work overtime?? it only shows that you are a diligent boy in the company, industrious enough?

a complete system operation plan, can let the boss how much to your ability to be certain, let him rest assured that things to you, first of all, this battle you win. If the implementation of the latter program is very effective, plus the attitude is more serious, but also bear >

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