One year the website pushes official experience do this to popularize

One year the website pushes official experience do this to popularize

July 11, 2017 nfyactcp 0

I do website promotion for nearly a year, in addition to key words in the title, description and other aspects of the layout, do not understand any code. Therefore, in the promotion of this area does not have any advantages. I was fired without typing more than 40 words per minute, and now I’m typing at more than 120 per minute. This can be more intuitive description of what I do, promotion is directly linked to text.

I remember because the undo Links problems in the online asked one in the aspects of optimizing the site since that famous master, because he gave me the conclusion is that you try to know, so I try it aroused the interest within the impulse, so from another level, is very grateful his.

I come to the company five days a week. The first thing I come here every day is to look at the rankings and repeat my work for nearly a year. Business update articles, I rarely reprinted completely, because I know the importance of originality for promotion. When I have time, I will go to some promotion group to exchange experience, and change the friendship link. Most of the afternoon is in the bubble forum, in the hour from work, stone used to write keywords to promote soft wen. I almost do the same work every day and leave the office. I never do anything related to website promotion.

experienced two big ups in the year. One is done independently, keyword rise to the top five, once the PR value rose to 5. And the two low tide, one last year National Day keyword crash, another time because the server is unstable, cause keywords fluctuation. In the face of the first slump, obviously I did not experience, I seem a little confused, but fortunately, half a month’s recovery rankings up again. This time, the instability caused by the instability of the server is obviously another test for me. Besides constantly urging the company, I still do a good job every day.

keyword ranking can not be compared to technology, not to mention literature and art, in view of the two, I know is so much above, if you have a good way to communicate with me.

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