On the site of the profit mode

On the site of the profit mode

July 11, 2017 azwnolxx 0

how is the website profitable? How many good ways of making profits? If I want to run a website, how can I find a profit point? What kind of website is suitable for me?" Five years ago, I came from the traditional business into the Internet with such problems……

believes that this problem is also a large number of Web site operators or interested in the website operation of friends concerned about the profit in some way below, I have learned to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you.

website’s profit form, a website’s personal trading platform services (C2C) model

This way is the representative website

eBay (eBay), the transaction is the main way to personal auction form, the NASDAQ listed company website, (to my knowledge) is one of the highest market value (about $51 billion), slightly higher than that of Google (about 50 billion) and YAHOO (48 billion) it is enough to prove this, online personal transactions in the United States and other developed countries……

on the other hand, I heard that a friend came to study in the United States. After that, he bought many articles and books he needed from the website. When you left the United States, you bought these items and books through the website, which proves that this business model has been accepted by the public.

in the country, there are about three larger C2C sites, eBay (now acquired by eBay), dig treasure (Alibaba) and a racket network (YAHOO and Sina cooperation). This kind of website operation, the audience, to establish the credibility of difficulty, promotion and operation cost is high, suggest to use such patterns need to be cautious, unless there is enough advantage and sufficient funding in a professional field.

website profit way two online advertising

online advertising is the website profit more common way, its many forms, from Banner (banner), LOGO (icon) to Flash multimedia advertising, animation, online video and other variety, from the charging point of view, is now more popular click charges, such as Google and Baidu search engine website are mainly taken such advertising, Google $3 billion 100 million last year (year income $1 billion 460 million), are basically derived from such advertising.

advertising revenue can be achieved in your website, as long as you have more browsing groups (the best is a type of professional groups, have to browse) website advertising fees, of course, also can be used for large-scale web site advertising partners to obtain a certain profit.

in addition, a popular concept of "narrow advertising" is aimed at more professional groups rather than general traffic, so that the proportion of effective users will increase substantially.

website profit three SMS ringtone mobile phone service

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