The arduous process of founding the first forum of life

The arduous process of founding the first forum of life

July 11, 2017 tazhawsu 0

introduction: the establishment of a website or forum is something I never thought of, but I like to go to the webmaster class website to see what others have written. Found a lot of webmaster set up a personal webmaster, that is very tired of a thing. Everyone’s experience can be written into a novel. See such tired things, so I never want to be a webmaster. Good people, and then the class is good, that is my biggest wish.

I am a novice webmaster, that is, people often say rookie. Because I have several walnut trees at home, and because I live in Hebei, Laishui County, next to the capital of our great motherland – Beijing. So here the man playing walnut (commonly known as playing walnut or also called ma walnut walnut. The market is very hot. In my family, a species of grafting was called "lion head" in the year before. Last year, a long, small, mainly the first age, generally smaller. Father’s friend helped us graft free of charge, and he sold it for us. Actually sold 200 dollars. It really made me happy for a while.

before the end of last year, I have a friend that we do here is a man playing walnut site, open a look, really good. And webmaster contact for a while, because of a job teaching center friends who work in our site here, fame is not small. The stationmaster invited the two of us to join him in the station. His station also has a certain income. We thought about it for a long time and decided to join it. But in the end, the interests of the stalemate for a long time. Originally planned our two to occupy the website advertisement (fixed fixed package year user 3000 yuan each year) 30% income, by us for his station enrichment content and maintenance website’s normal movement. Of course, it’s all my friend’s responsibility. I’ll help you. To put it plainly, I’m just a collection of content employees. The station owner also considered for some time, and finally failed to reach an agreement. In order to cooperate with him and not lose such a chance to make money in vain, I think of a solution: the two of us will make a similar forum and let his website call the content of our forum. That would be a good thing for his station. Complementary content can be achieved. He can also rest assured to go offline activities. Then we have 40% of the total income of the forum. The two of us are in charge of technical support and content updates at his station. The stationmaster friend readily agreed. The forum uses his two level domain name as the main domain name.

said, "do it," and the two of us started preparing for the forum and spent 7 days working with the early technology and artists. I am looking for information and sorting into their own (these are from the webmaster class website learning friends experience, to include the webmaster, Webmaster Station, push a website and so on, thank you. I forgot about the exact time the forum was officially launched, probably in 2010 February. After the forum on-line, must propagandize everywhere. I was more of a mind, if one day a problem with someone else’s two level domain name is registered immediately heteronomy, anti mother and walnut ring spelling point Naite two names. Help your friend every day

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