Pay attention to the analysis of the focal points of local stations in the second phase of the devel

Pay attention to the analysis of the focal points of local stations in the second phase of the devel

July 11, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

you place the webmaster Hello! Thank you for my attention to local development forum first "excellent moderator team culture" praise! On the attention of local forum on the development of each learning can to my QQ space to see the previously published articles of learning. Http:// or add my QQ group: 27545912* note: academic learning will be unable to join the local station (note that I is a "fish in net altar webmaster and Admin5 China Adsense online aka" Tekwon authoritative edition "QQ / space group) (the space for learning to use, I will select a common problem to answer everyone).

why I only released a space for everyone? Because I just want to get on the Internet all the search engine can search out a Chinese place webmaster through practice and their meager experience, expressed through the form, let the local webmasters learn and communicate more, looking for every breakthrough to solve the bottleneck and local site to the site where


of course, the fish net is newly founded altar in less than 4 months of the site, and those known has become the company’s local site not in.

Q: have some stationmaster consulted me? You have so many opinions and opinions about the place, have you participated in all previous national stationmaster meeting,


A: Well, I’ve never been there before, but I’m looking forward to having the chance to attend.

Q: and the stationmaster asked, "Why are you so focused on the development of the local station? Why do you think the learning of the local station is so thorough,


A: first, because I love the internet. Two, I love the webmaster profession. Three, I like to concentrate on the study of more practical and their own interests and hobbies. Four, in fact, I prefer to combine my views with other people’s experience and make better innovation and development. Five, the most important is I love to experience and process those well-known local webmasters have developed, it gave me a great power and spiritual support to inspire in-depth study of development site where I dedicated.

(the above is the two asked a lot of topics, I do not bother here, and everyone talks, chat, say, ha ha)

Q: Why did you make the PR value 5 in just 4 months?


A: Oh, this is muddleheaded up, but the site frequently updated original articles. Website template style network is not full, the best design their own design style to help Baidu included, there is the content of the site must have a sticky, add the Links wasstressed, it is best to add the city’s website is more useful. You can search the local PR higher site, one open is the founder of the station >

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