Where will the future development of mobile finance forecast nine trends

Where will the future development of mobile finance forecast nine trends

July 8, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

mobile finance, mobile payment is more familiar to many young people, it has financial trends, is gradually replacing the traditional financial market position. So what will be the future of mobile finance development? Forecast nine trends, together with the following to understand the next bar.

1. although the current slow development of mobile payments within the store, but the future is bound to become popular. In the past 6 months, 12% of respondents had been in store mobile payments. Of which 4% of respondents have used NFC to pay, and 7% of respondents are in the store to complete the payment on the mobile POS system. The remaining 5% is the use of mobile payment businesses to complete the payment, such as Starbucks’s payment applications.

2.  consumers currently don’t know why they need mobile wallets. The survey shows that, in a way, the public still do not know what the mobile wallet, so the service is still relatively cool. In all respondents, 18% of people have no concept of mobile wallet, 15% of people do not know what is the meaning of mobile wallet, and there are about 15 of people said they did not use mobile wallet.

3.  social is the future of mobile commerce. The impact of mobile social media is obvious to all, and social media is beginning to affect mobile commerce. 24% of mobile phone users, as well as the performance of the smart phone users have said that social media has now become the first choice for the mobile terminal when they shop for the 15%.

4.  lack of consumer confidence will threaten the development of mobile finance. 34% of consumers said that security is their primary concern for mobile finance. 11% of respondents said they did not believe the security of mobile banking, 9% of respondents believe that when using mobile financial services, they need to disclose their privacy too much information, there are 8% of respondents believe that the payment system is not safe enough, 6% of people said they did not trust online merchants.

5.  instant messaging service has become a new shopping window. 56% of respondents said that compared to mobile web pages, they prefer to purchase and payment within the application. With the increasing use of instant messaging services, some observers have found that mobile instant messaging services will become the next major e-commerce positions. Some instant messaging service has released its own electricity supplier channel. For example, the famous Asian news application Line, this service allows users to bind their credit cards, after the user can transfer and shopping and other operations.

6.  second screen to become a new shopping window.   94% of the respondents said that when they are using a mobile phone, but also the use of other media, including second screen devices, the most popular is the TV, 42% of respondents said they had been using a mobile phone while watching tv. 14% of people said they

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