Store business wisdom

Store business wisdom

July 5, 2017 ckrekbra 0

Once the size of the

shop, the product line will be more complete, so you can meet the choice of more consumers, the store’s business will naturally rise. Relatively speaking, the small size of the store, business will inevitably be a little difficult. Eight years ago, had left the Shaodong County Shaoyang city Hunan tobacco customer service position, encountered a small shop in Wei bridge corner, is the owner of the two old people over the age of 70, the store inconspicuous, the area is not large, opposite a supermarket not far open decoration was much higher and a convenience store. I can not help but worry about the old two: this can earn money to support their families?

shop adjacent to the supermarket a few time rolls on, easy to the owner, the two old people shop but whenever you go, Wang is very popular, some of the neighbors stopped at the store. Even if the old two busy Teng not shot, customers would prefer to spend some time waiting is also willing. I can not help wondering: what can be a small shop to stabilize a place?

in order to find out exactly what, every time I come to spend more time in the store to stay, while talking with the elderly, while observing the store business. This chat, really found the store hidden wisdom of business.

a bench for a guest. Look around the store, the right side of the door to take a small arbor, a few benches, pergola hem a small square table, for from the countryside to go to rest for neighbors, usually with a baby neighborhood a roost. After buying the commodity customers in the little square table or Laoke, or funny, or play chess or cards. From the rest, meet acquaintances, acquaintances meet up home remembered to buy anything in. This back and forth, the shop door is always crowded, very popular wang.

a share to stay. When the two old people idle, will come up with some shop affordable and delicious new non-staple food to share with customers. For example, the new varieties of parity cigars, the new brown sugar seeds, fresh rock candy orange. In the process of sharing the food, but also to explore and promote a number of potential consumption. In April this year, I have a new cigar recommended to the old man, he first ordered a fresh taste, that taste good, is distributed to the rest of the old customers to shop taste. Over two Monday to see sales, yo, and ordered a cigar cigarette two. It is precisely because the old two are willing to share and warm hospitality, the store has been the source of tourists, business booming.

is a story of integrity. When a customer suddenly needed a commodity, who did not take enough money, if the neighbors or old customers, customers puzzled, the two old people will take the initiative to pass the goods: "quickly took the next time together". This is the most like credit can not accept the treatment, the two old people is very liberal. I asked them, "are you afraid of debts back", the two old people said: "not afraid, I believe him, he has faith in me". Therefore, regardless of what the old two recommend new products, customers are given the trust and willing to accept. In this way, >

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