See how to grasp the cake after 90 to open their own entrepreneurial path

See how to grasp the cake after 90 to open their own entrepreneurial path

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no matter what business is not an easy thing, the economic downturn, is a lot of people go home to live a simple life. But abandoned the catering industry and other industries are not the same, the catering industry is everyone involved in economic activities, is hard to eat the needs of people, this is a never absolute winner of the industry, as long as the operating properly, can achieve their dreams of wealth, we card a 90 guy how do success? What he is worth learning


heart tactic: I never want to work for others

Yu Hua Pu from rural Shandong, his parents are very common, and many China rural parents, no money, no ability to provide him with a good living conditions, can not let him comfortably enjoy the ivory tower life in the University, but did not let him after graduation to find a relationship with home stable and decent Hanlaobaoshou work.

brother admitted to the University, he saw his father in order to raise tuition for his brother to school how difficult. So after he was admitted to the Chongqing School of electronic engineering Career Academy, two months ago to Chongqing, the only idea is to make money, it is from then on, Yu Hua Pu was determined, the purpose of learning is not working for others, but your own boss


he sold a towel, toothbrush, notebook, and so on the life of school supplies, selling bed desk, computer supplies, not only to pay their own tuition can earn more than 10 thousand dollars a month.

poor children as early as the family. Do a lot of things may be forced by life. But then the operation process of wheat food has shown his potential as a merchant.

school moved to the University City, began to be desolate. But Yu Huapu found University City Xi Street in Taiwan has a hand cake business is very good. A small flow of people is explosion of business [], there must be a trick, Yu Hua Pu so I wanted to join the shop, but the boss Xu Shaobo did not want to join in, Yu Hua Pu Ruanmoyingpao reluctantly agreed to teach him. Spend 6800 yuan tuition after graduation, Yu Hua Pu in the vicinity of the school also opened a bakery in hand.

is strange, the hand art has not learned the trick, opened the Taiwan Shouzhua bakery, Yu Hua Pu at a loss every month, after graduation 3 had to turn off.

the first shop, a loss of more than 40 thousand dollars. For many entrepreneurs, in the face of setbacks this step may be terminated. Yu Pu Pu, the loss is even worse.

but he didn’t give up.

Yu Yu after

to do a part-time job outside, to help companies recruit

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