Zhejiang financial contribution 50 million funded entrepreneurs

Zhejiang financial contribution 50 million funded entrepreneurs

June 24, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

in fact for many entrepreneurs, the early in the course of business, a good venture capital support is a very important point, at the same time, now provides a local government funds is also trying to support many entrepreneurs.

in the dream dream dream town entrepreneurs, one more to accompany them to grow together "angels". Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance issued the measures for the administration of angel dream fund operation, as long as you have the dream of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, as long as you are a college student entrepreneurial team in the dream of the town, are eligible to participate in the project evaluation, obtain the "angel" funding.

and many small town "town", just graduated from the school of Li Yonggang from Beijing all the way south, finally found a "virtual fitting" project, "here open, ecological integrity, intellectual capital integration."

"financial subsidies before are on some has done relatively well, there are scores of project grants, now we pay more attention to the growth of enterprises, in addition to the equity investment, but also provide a series of value-added services, and they grow together, the equivalent of rotary launched, get a ride." Zhejiang provincial finance department official introduction. It is understood that the angel Dream Fund to take "funding + + option incentive" operation mode combination, according to the different stages of project development step by step, in order to build business incubator nursery + + accelerator "entrepreneurship throughout incubation chain.

"to other investment institutions, government venture hatch, they also has more outstanding enterprises to invest." Fund management responsibilities to fulfill the Zhejiang responsible for the relevant person in charge of Cci Capital Ltd said.

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