Shandong students to suspend schooling for up to 8 years

Shandong students to suspend schooling for up to 8 years

June 24, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

as a result of the country now for college students to start a business is strongly supported, and school conflict, and even allowed to drop out of business. Moreover, different local governments, allowing time will be different. The Shandong province college students suspended from school for a long period of time can actually reach 8 years, so many college students who are delighted.

9 afternoon, reporters from the Shandong Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference was informed that the province issued a comprehensive reform of higher education "33", to finalize the reform of higher education in a period of time schedule, roadmap. I will implement flexible educational system, allowing students to drop out of business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years. In addition, this year, the province will choose about 5 provincial colleges and universities to cancel the pilot level of college administration, the implementation of the staff system.

Guo Jianlei, deputy director of the Provincial Education Department

said, in April 22nd the provincial office, the provincial government issued "on promoting the comprehensive reform of higher education", which is a guiding document for a period in the future of our province higher education comprehensive reform, the "opinions" a total of 7 parts 33.

which, in terms of the reform of the employing system, the province will carry out the abolition of the two classes of administrative reform pilot. The innovation of management system of two colleges, 2016 about 5 provincial universities canceled two pilot school administrative level, the implementation of staff system, to further rationalize the two university college management system, improve management level two college professional level.

reference to the same level of personnel with the same number of years of service and conditions, the establishment of the relevant personnel to promote the professional development of the ranks of the promotion, exchange work, salary distribution system. Colleges and universities should be encouraged to open up pilot areas in the two colleges and universities, expand the management rights of human, financial and material resources, form local advantages, build academic heights, and highlight the characteristics of running schools. Before the end of June 2016, will develop the provincial universities cancel two school administrative level pilot program. Pilot reform started before the end of December, continue to promote. Before the end of June 2016

to complete the implementation of the third phase of the development of young teachers in Colleges and universities to strengthen the training of young teachers. Before the end of June 2016 to complete the guidelines of colleges and universities in Shandong Province comprehensive reform of moral education work, the introduction of relevant curriculum standard and basic norms. Completed before the end of December 2016 on further promoting social forces on work, support social forces through the joint venture and other forms of higher education. Before the end of December 2016 the province’s colleges and universities to implement information disclosure, information disclosure efforts to increase enrollment, financial assets and management fees etc..

implementation of free education for normal students to start before the end of June


our province will establish talent demand forecasting analysis mechanism, according to the social needs and industrial development layout, increase engineering, recommend

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