What are the matters needing attention in the community food and beverage stores

What are the matters needing attention in the community food and beverage stores

June 23, 2017 nfyactcp 0

community food and beverage store business notes? Many investors are not very familiar with this issue, you need to pay attention to the success of the shop a lot of points, if you are a novice, then with the small series together to learn it, I hope you have a guiding role.

1. positioning enough quasi

2. dishes enough home

select dishes when it comes to community food, natural flavors to civilians. Because, community catering is to meet the community residents daily dining and a simple gathering of friends. So, at the beginning of the shop, the community catering operators should be taken into account, what dishes can let the guests eat every day will not be bored. This requires the community of food chefs from ordinary homely dishes to seek highlights. Even a plain like "white lotus oil" that every family will do the simple dishes, also want to build it as a classic dish, let customers eat a hundred tire. Let customers rush to the dishes, and often patronize the community food and beverage stores.

3. serve enough fast

mentioned community food is different from in the business district of catering, customers come here to eat and straight, not what to talk and entertainment. In this case, the community food serving speed must be fast, good dish in 5 minutes on the table (at the point on the edge), hot dishes as possible in 15 minutes on the table. Don’t let the guests urge vegetables, which requires the kitchen must fully prepared, as much as possible to shorten the interval between order and served. In fact, the service should be fast enough, you can also increase the rate of turn the restaurant, not only benefit people, more selfish.

4. room service to "new"

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