Open colorful dumpling shop on the road to riches

Open colorful dumpling shop on the road to riches

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life is like a game of chess, take a wrong step, often affect the back of the game. Served as a state-owned enterprise leaders, laid off after the venture lost out in recent years, the street selling over lunch, popcorn, Tofu pudding soup, a restaurant in a dozen places in Zhengzhou, keep on fighting. Finally, Du Jingchun worked out the color dumplings, harvest a special food invention, to customers door, set foot on the road to get rich.

nine years as frustration

in fact, reporters had heard the colored stuffeddumpling matter, but do not know Du Jingchun, yesterday, reporters came to his dumpling shop, it is bustling.

1998 years, Du Jingchun from a state owned enterprises after the leadership of the unemployed, the loan of 40 thousand yuan in the vicinity of Baihua road opened a small restaurant to operate pasta, dumplings. Three months later, except the facade transfer fee of 20 thousand yuan, 7500 yuan rent, loan interest 800 yuan and just opened required tables and chairs, rice oil and other expenses, he had no money, money has run out, even under a month rent is not on pay. Struggling to adhere to a month later, the landlord mercilessly drove away.


dense willow trees and bright flowers

2003, the first batch of laid-off workers in Zhengzhou to apply for small secured loans began, Du Jingchun got a small loan of 20 thousand yuan.

to the development of chain

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