t really won the recognition of customers

t really won the recognition of customers

June 22, 2017 upgypqbj 0

people can’t make a mistake, but how to deal with it once you make a mistake? This is a problem that every shop owner needs to think about, because the handling of a little careless may affect the image of the store in the hearts of customers, thereby affecting the store business. In a word, who does not stand, no letter of fashion industry. Over the years, I always put the integrity of the two words as the motto of store operations.

once, there was a customer who needed a few cases of beer, when her husband was at home, so I asked him to take care of the store. When I got back to the customer’s home, my husband said he had a few samples. Later, I found that one of the 5.5 yuan of goods sold by her husband was wrong to become a $12. After listening to her husband, I decided to give the money back to the customer.

according to the description of the husband, I know the general appearance of the customer, and remember the customer’s home address, he decided to find his home, the money back to him. At this time, the shop next to a neighbor said: "the money has been collected, and others do not know, and his home from your shop is relatively far away, and he does not often come to your house to buy things, why go back to him?"

"we shouldn’t have made money." I did not hesitate to answer: "although the customer rarely come to my shop to buy things, but we can not say good faith……" With the support of her husband, I immediately went to the customer on the battery car to the customer’s home, the amount of money received and returned to the customer to apologize.

later, the customer frequented my shop and became an old customer of our store. He often said to others, I am honest and honest, to my shop to buy things at ease. After this thing, I am more aware of the importance of the integrity of the two words: only the integrity of business, in order to make business long.

if you are a shopkeeper, after you encounter such a situation, how would you solve it? You choose to return to the customer, or just forget it? After all, the money amount is not large, this is not a regular customer, however, because of such a good faith, will win the customer’s approval, and then let the store’s business is more and more popular.

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