What are the names of tea

What are the names of tea

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China is a tea producing country, the climate is different in different regions, the production of tea will not be the same, rich tea market has too many varieties of tea. In short, the name of a lot of tea, it is not a thousand kinds of problems, really can be said to be dazzling. However, after a number of scholars to analyze the study, to be classified, but found some way, quite vivid taste of the king, to better understand the tea, memory tea name. There are seven general methods of naming tea:

1. is named after the shape of the tea. Lu’an Guapian, Junshan Silver Needle Tea, Spring Snail, green tea and so on, the.

2. nomenclature of tea varieties. Such as Pekoe etc..

3. named after tea. Pu’er tea, tea and so on.


4. is named after the tea plucking time. Agency before tea, Mingqian tea, the tea before rain etc..

5. named after animals and plants. Longjing, Narcissus, bergamot, etc..

6. nomenclature of tea making process. Roasted, baked green and so on.

7. tea color naming. Black tea, green tea, etc.. There are some tea origin name full of stories or legends, for example: "Spring Snail" the origin of the famous tea Spring Snail tea, produced in Taihu in the second. About the origin Spring Snail, folk spread such a story.

Qing Kangxi years, the local people in the Dongting Lake on the east of the country on the peak of the discovery of a wild tea, then took back as a drink. One year, due to production of Trinidad and Tobago, bamboo basket is not installed, you put extra on the arms, but with hot tea, with bursts of fragrant, picking girls shouted: "Sharen scared!" This "scare people incense" is the Suzhou dialect, meaning that the aroma is unusually rich. So all the people for the spread, "scared people incense" has become the name of tea. Thirty-eight years of emperor Kangxi (son of emperor Kangxi) south to Taihu, Kangxi believes that the name "Sharen scared" indecent, he has called "Spring Snail", and still in use.

Spring Snail tea picking time earlier, usually picking in the Guyu before and after. Fried system to do, rather than coke, crisp and not broken, green and not fishy, thin and continuous". So the appearance such as spiral curl, with no teeth, delicate tight knot, the bottom leaves like Buxus, color light, taste light, lasting aroma, pleasant aftertaste.

"Tieguanyin" origin

one of the ten famous tea in China, "Tieguanyin" is rich in Fujian County, Anxi Province, enjoy the reputation at home and abroad. There are two legends about the origin of "Tieguanyin" tea:

said: Emperor Qian Long in Qing Dynasty

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