The right way to make the brand brilliant achievements

The right way to make the brand brilliant achievements

June 21, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

if the product quality is the body of the word for a brand, then the concept of enterprise or business ideas is that the human brain has no brains are like a dead-alive person can not move forward, but the idea of a good shortcut allows the company to get rich!

1988, and implement the risk through the bidding contract, the contractor must first pay 20 thousand yuan mortgage risk, ensure the Shanghai factory profit increase of 7% per year, and ensure the workshop worker’s income every year increase of 7%. There is no cost of entrepreneurship, the risk mechanism to enable the contractor to do everything in the business, do everything possible to expand business profitability.


now brilliant let the factory employees know that if not because of a good idea, the factory would deteriorate, it is a good idea to guide, can achieve today’s success!


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