Henan billion yuan to support cultural industries

Henan billion yuan to support cultural industries

June 21, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

stereotyped, resulting in a waste of resources, the development of stagnation. Give full play to the advantages of local cultural resources, to create their own brand of cultural industries, the formation of regional characteristics make people forget. Henan government has given strong financial support to promote the rapid development of cultural industries.

As an important part of the service industry, the development of cultural industry plays an important role in promoting the development of high growth service industry, such as

. To effectively promote the advantages of cultural resources I change to the advantage of cultural development, the Provincial Department of Finance recently were issued 2016 annual cultural industry project grant funds 50 million yuan and 50 million yuan of funds to support the new cultural industry.

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Finance in April 27th 2016, the annual cultural industry project grant funds to support the focus is: traditional media named by the provincial government "ten" project, and new media integration project, social benefit is outstanding cultural industry projects a total of 30 projects. The key points of the support of the new cultural formats support: 43 new cultural formats, such as animation, computer special effects, software design, online games, film and television works, digital media and so on.

in recent years, around the excavation, inheritance, and promote the province’s outstanding traditional culture, the construction of high growth service industry in the province, the provincial finance at least 50 million yuan per year to arrange for $60 million to support the development of cultural industries. Under the guidance of financial resources, the province continued to explore the historical and cultural resources, the development of creative culture, the activation of traditional culture, the overall strength of the cultural industry and core competitiveness steadily.

according to local conditions, according to the regional characteristics to play our own historical and cultural resources, has its own characteristics of the cultural industry, will greatly bring into and promote the effective development of the local economy.

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