Huaian city entrepreneurs enjoy discount venture guarantee loans

Huaian city entrepreneurs enjoy discount venture guarantee loans

June 20, 2017 laecpour 0

the current network has become popular, more and more people have begun to choose to start their own businesses through the network. So the network will not have the relevant preferential policies? If so, what kind of benefits will be enjoyed? Let us take a look at the city of Jiangsu, Huaian entrepreneurial policy.

reporter yesterday from Huaian City entrepreneurial guidance center to understand, in order to encourage and guide entrepreneurs to take advantage of network innovation and entrepreneurship at the end of last year, Huaian introduced the "Huaian city network business to identify and support operation measures", and on the way to explain the recent caliber and supplementary provisions was further improved, which means that the benefits of the new policy many Internet entrepreneurs and Huaian officially entered the implementation phase. Evening news reporter Wang Rong correspondent Li Hongna

identified standards:

look at the IP address, but also look at the operating situation

it is understood that the approach for finding the object, after January 1, 2012 registered IP address for the city of Huaian has been identified for online merchants, online trading platform through real name authentication, according to the stable operation of 1 years (inclusive) above the initial entrepreneurs.

among them, the registered IP address for the city of Huaian, the definition of conditions: the registered location in the city of Huaian, and business premises or shipping address in the city of Huaian. Stable operation for 1 years, the definition of the conditions are: Industrial and commercial or online registration for over 1 years, the application finds the first monthly turnover of not less than $3000 in the first 6 months, and the average monthly turnover of more than $5000.

The standard is

, the industrial and commercial registration online merchants, meet the conditions can be directly identified as Internet start-ups; no industrial and commercial registration online merchants meet the following three conditions, can be identified as the network business: one is through the online trading platform of real name registration and stable operation, two is a comprehensive evaluation of the shop the rate (percentage of total score and comprehensive score) or favorable rate (the percentage of the number of praise and transaction number) in 90% (including three) above, is applied to identify continuous 6 months before the average turnover in 5000 yuan (inclusive) above. It should be noted that, while operating 2 (including) more than the shop, turnover can be accumulated calculation, but only as a subsidy object.

support content:

venture guarantee loans, financial discount

according to the approach, the network will be identified as an entrepreneurial venture to enjoy the loan guarantee, entrepreneurship subsidies and other relevant policies to support entrepreneurship.

identified by the conditions of the network business, to the shop to register the employment management department (entrepreneurial guidance center) to apply for a maximum amount of not more than 100 thousand yuan of venture capital loans; operating scale recommended

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