Secret network profit three models

Secret network profit three models

June 18, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

as the network more and more influence our life, the phenomenon of online business is increasing, so, how to use the network to start a business, how to use the network profit? First let us work together to understand the network profit model in order to better and faster business success!

mode 1: interactive mode. User experience and interaction. When users are familiar with the use of the network in the future, in power, grassroots resurgence of resolution was obvious. Google’s acquisition of 1 billion 680 million Youtube reflects the core problem is actually the network has become the dominant users of the Internet, they have no intention to do the recipient of information, they want to do information manufacturers. The cover of the magazine last year is the Internet users, but also a profound explanation of the problem. Once the serfs turn to be masters, the old world must be knocked over, and a new era will begin. Just like Interactive TV will replace ordinary TV, 3G phone will subvert the same irreversible 2.5G phone. WEB2.0 will show the truth in. In the next 1 to 3 years, WIKI, SNS and a series of network revolution is about to happen, will rewrite the network.

mode two: content model. Content based information, with the gradual increase in the number of pages, network resources from the scarcity of the economy into a surplus economy, from the seller’s market into a buyer’s market. With more and more products and services offered on the Internet, it becomes more and more difficult to find useful information. It can also clearly see a trend, users are more concerned about the content, more concerned about their valuable information, and is willing to pay for their valuable information. The network economy will gradually evolve into content economy, information economy and wisdom economy.

mode three: eye model. With large flow, the portal as representative, people more powerful, founder Zhang Zhaoyang. The basic point is: there is a popular network of customers, customers have the opportunity to business. This has been through a large number of Sohu, Sina and a wide range of content portals have been confirmed. However, with the scarcity of resources from the network to the excess, if you can not become the industry portal, profit opportunities have been about small. Especially for the individual entrepreneurial website, if attempts and current portal oligarchs to share it, is undoubtedly a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Xiaobian for you with the secret three network business profit model, I hope you can easily grasp, can better grasp, so you can better grasp the network profit law, easily winning network business!


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