Play out of wealth

Play out of wealth

June 18, 2017 uttpdooa 0

  now get rich is everyone’s dream, but the thoughtful person can play a fortune, it depends on how you play it.

in the domestic car, appreciation of things is not uncommon. Such as the Hongkong production of "MATCHBOX" brand 1:43 classic car model, in 1991 the Chengdu market retail price per only sold more than 7 yuan, and now the market has been 100 yuan, in 10 years or so, the increment speed obviously. Another example: Deng Xiaoping in 1984 35 anniversary of National Day military parade on the "red flag" parade car (CA770TJ) model (1:24) the whole car has more than and 300 parts, reduced in proportion, and making production using the latest technology, limited production of 9999 cars in each cars chassis has become the first moment number. A China manufacturer of high quality production model of the car, by car enthusiasts.

so, what kind of cars will be more appreciation potential according to experts?. In general, collection two hundred or three hundred yuan car models is appropriate, the VAT rate will be relatively faster: limited production with a number of models and also has a more general appreciation of space, some fine models can achieve the required amount of production, manufacturers will stop production in the new letter card products rare; buy complex structure, exquisite workmanship, the degree of simulation high, good texture models; model cars appreciation potential, such as international celebrities or great men sat on the car.

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