Li Xinghao entrepreneurial story from selling popsicles to Forbes rich

Li Xinghao entrepreneurial story from selling popsicles to Forbes rich

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he was a farmer to sell popsicles, later to 1 billion 800 million net worth of Forbes boarded the rich list, every penny he earned by the sweat of condensation.

he put a man as the highest creed as keep a promise inviolate business, rely on the integrity to win the hearts, he will own the company out of the edge of life and death, and then to the world stage.

he is not anxious for the winter, but excited. Wait until the next round of economic cycle, we may have become the king of the industry."

farmer entrepreneurship "when I find a more profitable thing, I will not hesitate to turn to the past."

found that many business street selling popsiclesNearly thirty years of age

1982 years, farmer Li Xinghao decided to leave the land has been cultivated for ten years to sell popsicles. At that time, this four or five cents a business in his view has been profiteering". Today, the main business of the Foshan businessman is meager profit air conditioning manufacturing, but already has enough net worth, on any of China’s richest wealth rankings. Like many Cantonese businessmen, "money is big" is his business. Fortunately, he has an almost natural business sense of smell.

business street popsicles to Li Xinghao found a lot of business opportunities. Because a lot of factories need to find cloth wipe machine, Li Xinghao on the acquisition of a large number of cloth crushing, after a sale, his 50 pounds of cloth broken finally sold to a machine factory, to bring him $75 revenue.

Li Xinghao’s original accumulation seems never to stop. "When I find a more profitable thing, I will go without hesitation." Li Xinghao said, into the air conditioning industry, the same is random. Into the air conditioning industry, I opened a seafood restaurant, restaurant air conditioning is often bad, a month down, maintenance costs on the 1000 yuan. Later, I just ask a master to work." Soon, Li Xinghao found that the maintenance of electrical appliances more profitable than selling seafood. In 1989, he registered a thriving refrigeration equipment repair center, and organized the partners on the Guangzhou Hainan, shouting around the booming name. Two years later, the company has become the country’s largest refrigeration maintenance center, the business did the whole of Guangdong. Along their own business chain, I and a Taiwan boss out of 6 million yuan joint venture plant, and eventually entered the field of air conditioning manufacturing."


800 million yuan to solve the divestment crisis

"I don’t even have money for the meeting today, but my goal is to build the world’s best air conditioner."

in the third day of the launch, Li Xinghao met with an unprecedented price war in the air conditioner, the aftermath of the war, almost new Chigo Air Conditioning stifle in the infancy.

1993, China’s air conditioning industry is about to end the era of profiteering, more and more entrants and the resulting market competition has quietly changed the living environment of the industry. "That year, Kelon 1P split air conditioning price 1000 yuan, so I ask for their own air-conditioning also down"

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