nvestment in coffee shops different shop skills

nvestment in coffee shops different shop skills

June 15, 2017 tazhawsu 0

nowadays many people like to go to a coffee shop to chat with friends when they are free. If you want to open a coffee shop, but also do not know to be independent shop good or choose to join a project is a good coffee, pure coffee, or engage in other projects, the following analysis of the shop can help you to choose more suitable for the shop form you, this is your first choice facing the beginning the.

How about


for the crowd: the composite shop for a special talent or a special combination of background, just one of the coffee products in the store, not all business operators, may have on food, may be of interest to the main income is from floral, coffee, and is interested in business, the market development is not easy. But he is very loyal, very stable.

personality feature:



static meditation

coffee modulation methods: more professional, pay attention to the cultural grade, a siphon, Italian, follicular type;

For the crowd:

joined the chain allows entrepreneurs will be easier in some places, not recommended to investors management quality

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