Qinhuangdao women entrepreneurs nternet knowledge training classes

Qinhuangdao women entrepreneurs nternet knowledge training classes

June 14, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

in such an era of the Internet, almost any one who wants to create their own business to create a more long-term development of investors need to understand the relevant Internet information. To this end, the country will have a variety of related training activities. Qinhuangdao city women entrepreneurs Internet knowledge training classes in Japan held before.

"I want to learn some knowledge of the Internet, after all, now the era of the network has been in all aspects of our lives……" Listen to instructors to explain in detail the knowledge of the Internet, from a city of ms.. The morning of May 12th, sponsored by the Municipal Women’s Federation, company of Qinhuangdao city hosted the women entrepreneurs Internet knowledge training opening ceremony was held.

to participate in the training of students, relevant management personnel of the female entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and women founded or the lead enterprises, the person in charge of 2015 named Municipal Women modern agricultural demonstration base, vice chairman of the County District Women’s Federation in charge. A suit of Ms. Jin, is a member of the training class, she recounts his concise and clear the purpose of training: "I was doing fine arts training aspects of the work, we can really feel the Internet for our work, many things have been changed to the network, I want to learn more knowledge of the Internet, to adapt to this new change."

it is understood that the organized training courses for a period of two days, the purpose is the person responsible for the master Internet knowledge through training women entrepreneurs, women’s modern agricultural science and technology demonstration bases, demonstration and guidance of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation on "Internet +" rapid development, inject new vitality into the women’s "double".

No one is born to be

, a lot of knowledge are constantly learning with the change and development of the market, because of this, Qinhuangdao city with the relevant Internet knowledge training activities, the development of local women entrepreneurs will be able to get better.

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