How to deal with the next cycle of goods

How to deal with the next cycle of goods

June 14, 2017 ubkfoqkq 0

even if the same commodity, time is different, the popularity of the market is also different, because of this, will be in the season when the turn, will stand a lot of goods. But now the temperature gradually reduced, the winter is coming, but also to the time node of supermarket goods at. Often at this time, the business is always a large number of bags that fall some of the seasonal goods, the shelf collection custody.

may be the fact that many retailers do not really understand the essentials of the goods until the autumn, autumn again reincarnation, they have a good collection of goods out, not moth eaten rat bite, is faded, and even some of the goods avoid high temperature metamorphism or melted shape affected again on sale more or less will cause some loss. So, in the season, when dealing with the store shelves of goods how to deal with it?

a, clearance sale, return funds. Seasonal alternation, some commodities because of the season and not suitable for display in the store sales, need to be removed from the shelves, shelves should be re – sale of goods. But how to withdraw after the custody is a headache problem, with many years of sales experience, every season, I have to store the goods over the upcoming season clearance sale, would rather lose points to a quarter of goods sold, not only to return the precious funds, and does not occupy the limited warehouse space, but do not need to bother to spend energy to keep them, it yijuduode.

two, as gifts, customer feedback. Seasonal goods even on the shelves, also there are few customers to buy. However, if the goods seasons as gifts, gifts to store old customers or regular contact, not only between the company and the customer relationship, will let old customers and a more faithful to the store, to play the final utility goods seasons. Again, seasonal commodities as gifts, "sales mix and seasonal merchandise, not only can play the role of promotional merchandise sales, but also to attract customers into the store shopping. There is a common way of selling: buy a gift of a season to buy goods, gifts, seasonal goods.

three, dedication love, donated to the poor. Although there are few customers to buy goods seasons, but are very good, until the next season can be used. If businesses want to put these seasonal goods stored to the next season again, not only to their custody, pay manpower and energy, until the next season, may be due to improper preservation of old goods packaging or damage, hinder sales. Or because the goods are out of date and the customers are not willing to buy. So, some smart, caring businesses put these goods seasons to those elderly or poor life difficult, not only to avoid the waste of resources, but also the warmth of the elderly or poor shooting two birds with one stone.

if these goods are simply stored as goods, wait until next year for this period of time is not only no longer popular, and the quality may be >

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