What are the advantages and disadvantages of partnership

What are the advantages and disadvantages of partnership

June 14, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

for the partnership, although now the business market has so many forms, however, there are still a lot of people on this taboo. I once read an article, said the water is monk: the story of a monk of the monastery, their own water to drink; when there are two monks, two people carry water to drink; then came a monk, the result, you rely on him, he depends on you, depend on each other, prevarication, three monks have no water to drink. This story tells us that the partnership will need to negotiate, selfish mischief, erase the will of the people and Naili, the decadent depression, bring business crisis.

also has an article that fathers teach their sons to do experiments for their sons. The father took a pair of chopsticks to let their son in turn broken, but, who are constantly broken, his father removed the chopsticks, to each one, as a result, the hands of chopsticks are broken. This story tells us: the strength of the partnership, holding a group has a greater income.

these two stories from different angles to analyze the pros and cons of partnership, as businesses, according to local conditions, according to their actual situation, operating risks, we all know. Business to do is: weather, geography, renhe. If you do not have the above three conditions, the best way is a partnership, with the power of others to increase their income, for example, some people have no place to place; some people have no money; some people are rich places do not understand marketing, not business minded, in these cases can be considered complementary partnership., also called leveraging play, each won the required.

about leveraging business people still remember the story, borrow arrows with thatched boats? In order to frame Zhu Geliang, Zhou Yu asked him to make one hundred thousand arrows in the next ten days, in order to make sure that he was the only one in the world. In order to make up for him, he made sure that he had. Zhu Geliang set the fog of the day, they borrow the son of twenty grass boat to the Cao camp, because of the suspicion of the fog in the ambush, so that the order of the arrow to shoot Cao Cao. To stay high fog, Zhu Geliang ordered the ship received quick return, the ship water urgent, Cao Cao chase it, Zhu Geliang is safe to borrow arrows, and defeated Zhou Yu. The performance of Zhu Geliang, courageous and knowledgeable talents. If not, use the arrow borrowed so much, that intrigue how war can win? Leveraging business and to catch a borrow arrows with thatched boats as "clever". The partnership is the same, Qiao by external forces, wisdom to win business opportunities.

I have seen such a sentence in WeChat, China’s richest man Li Jiacheng said to her son to listen to: partnership, profit seven points reasonable, I only take the 60%". Why only take 60%? In other words, in the partnership business, you can pay a reasonable dividend of 70% or up to 80% of cases, he only requires a good score of six.

this sentence tells us that the partnership to do business to be able to make money, if you want to get through this problem, the partnership is still more advantages than disadvantages. Because someone for you to share the risk, you can also "borrowing money", "

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