Hefei to build 15 public space grassroots youth entrepreneurship first choice

Hefei to build 15 public space grassroots youth entrepreneurship first choice

June 13, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

public space is currently emerging in China, a kind of entrepreneurial service platform, known as the cradle of grassroots enterprises". Under the guidance of the government and the market, the creation of space for grassroots entrepreneurs who provide the most favorable environment and policy support.

what is public record? According to the staff of Hefei city science and Technology Bureau, the public record space refers to the Hefei registered independent legal entity, relying on social resources, innovation, entrepreneurial team for all (enterprise) provide including working space, network space, communication space and resource sharing space in new business service carrier, with online the service platform, the line carrier, hatching coaching system and technology and capital support four basic functions.

15 home public space list

1, 5F Venture Park (hi tech Zone)

2, DreamWorks venture coffee (hi tech Zone)

3, modern young farmers (high tech Zone)

4, Hefei open area college students entrepreneurship Park incubator base (open area)

5, particle space (hi tech Zone)

6, 18 fusion field (high tech Zone)

7, Lianzhong coffee (Yaohai District)

8, evergreen hit off. The dream of space (Baohe District)

9, IE (Chinese orchard: Double orchard) (Luyang area)

10, xiupijiang maxspace (Baohe District)

11, Ai Fu Chuang bar (hi tech Zone)

12, No. 18 oxygen bar – Chong Chong space (high tech Zone)

13, Hefei (Shushan) "Internet plus" hackerspaces (Shushan District)

14, e create a small station * passenger air recommend

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