How to reduce the cost of investment

How to reduce the cost of investment

May 30, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

as long as venture capital, is the need for cost. But if we can handle it with care, it is also possible to reduce costs. So, how to reduce the cost of opening wonton shop? Let Xiaobian from multiple aspects to make your analysis.

open wonton shop cost saving skills is very important, after all, is a small business, save a penny is to earn a penny. Wonton shop, including the main costs, rent, staff wages, gas utilities, material costs, seemingly dispensable, in fact, great attention.

1.: Generally speaking, the rent is not afraid of high rents, high must have high reason, lots of gold can not rent a eighty thousand year high, the shop under normal circumstances, certainly than rent 30 thousand wonton shop to make money.

2. staff salaries: first of all, to ensure that the wonton shop is their own business, commissioned to others or even simply let the waiter to take care of their own certainly not. Because this is a relatively hard work, after all, is not enough to rely on consciousness. Especially in the absence of a sound performance mechanism, it is necessary to personally manage.

3. gas utilities: a major item of expenditure. Relatively speaking, the elasticity is relatively large, for example, I found a lot of stores boil a wonton time is two times the average time I cook my own wonton, gas usage is probably about two times. Because they will boil water in addition to wonton, which will cause serious waste.

water seems not much, in fact, can save a lot. I remember just opened the wonton shop, I saw a waiter wash the dishes when the water flow is particularly large, the water was everywhere, I said why do not you open it. She told me that her family in the countryside, the dishes are to take the water pump, they do not spend money on water. After the education of staff habits, coupled with a little other water-saving tips, I can save a lot of money a month.

4. material cost: can not reduce the quality of the material, on this basis can save province. For example, in the non peak hours, wonton shop takeaway (more than two copies) or packed away, we generally ask whether or not spicy sauce and other seasonings. This is not a small accumulation of long-term profits.

open wonton shop also have to save degrees, or customers will not buy it.

tells a story, our spicy oil has been more unique, very fragrant, not very spicy. There was a time very hot oil fees, and a lot of people eat chili oil, can be left dry. Later, I thought of a way to mix the oil, not only to solve the problem of hot oil, but also directly reduce the amount of hot oil.

but later I found that the use of such a special waste of people really eat less, but wonton shop business

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