How much is the Tianjin Ergu jiamengfei baozi

How much is the Tianjin Ergu jiamengfei baozi

May 30, 2017 laecpour 0

recently received feedback franchisees (many are joining Baozipu businesses) are asking the same kind of problem, it is the Tianjin Ergu bun franchise fee is how much? Expensive not expensive? Can you describe it in detail? Visible Tianjin Ergu popularity how remarkable buns, Tianjin aunt dumplings? Let’s say soup is recognized with high degree of traditional snacks, Tianjin aunt dumplings which has a history of 2000 years, to the wealthy merchants, high officials and noble lords to civilians, all known, so it is called the first Chinese snacks.

Tianjin aunt dumplings steamed with its unique management style, with high quality and inexpensive, sanitary and convenient and first-class service, won the majority of consumers, gradually expand the market. Only in about two years period, Tianjin company has developed more than and 100 buns Ergu outlets, but also accumulated rich experience in the development process, from the product form to change the taste of adjustment, Tianjin Ergu buns from the store location to the unified style of decoration, from the business strategy to legislation and have very thorough and detailed operation plan, paving the way for the subsequent development of the company. Tianjin aunt dumplings so far just over a year’s time, has been in Hunan, Jilin, Anhui, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Hubei, Jiangxi, Tianjin, Henan, Tianjin, Jiangsu and other developed Ergu buns more than and 800 cooperative stores or outlets.

see the above introduction about Ergu buns to join, I believe we have seen the Tianjin Ergu bun franchise fee is low, but the profit is very high. For the majority of entrepreneurs, this project is the first choice of the initial stage of entrepreneurship.

According to the official website of

analysis, Tianjin Gulou Ergu bun franchise fee at 2000 yuan -5000 yuan. In the franchisee shop making used in the process of equipment and tools, these tools all over the country are available, the franchisee can choose local materials or purchased from Tianjin Gulou Ergu buns (full headquarters costs about 8000 yuan).


finished Ergu bun franchise fee much, official said, Tianjin Gulou Ergu baozi headquarters to provide a unified brand image, store, posters, advertising design information to the franchisee for free; Tianjin Gulou Ergu baozi franchisee can according to their own store, according to the headquarters of the sample and store renovation program, select the style self decoration (decoration costs and store investment of about 5 million Yuan Zuoyou).

Tianjin Gulou Ergu bun franchise fee at 2000 yuan -5000 yuan, but according to the regional agency, the company store to join a one-time charge of 8980 yuan fee. Tianjin Gulou Ergu baozi join process: telephone or written application, to examine and determine the intent of signing the franchise contract to pay the service fee to join technology and industry.

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