How to join the grain good porridge road is how much

How to join the grain good porridge road is how much

May 29, 2017 gtfgzpay 0

like porridge for breakfast buns, people will not be fixed in a certain period of time is to eat these things, and now the people to pursue a more healthy lifestyle, porridge is a good health habits, so the porridge into a restaurant not less we in our daily life. Because of the great demand for porridge, so the characteristics of the fast food snack food market has shown a strong vitality. According to the survey, in all Chinese fast food, porridge as an eternal theme, the longest duration, the highest degree of popularity. Especially with the increasing pace of life, congee varieties, more and more consumers have to go outside to drink porridge, porridge by family food into a catering shop Wang sale of goods, this change as a direct result of the rapid expansion of the catering market.

in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, specialty porridge shop has become a beautiful landscape of the restaurant industry. Grain good porridge road just to seize such a market, quickly formed a certain degree of visibility in the country, how to join the grain porridge road how much money?

grain porridge road join the process as follows:

1, through the official website to understand the project

2, headquarters investigation project

3, fill in the application form

4, headquarters audit through

5, headquarters help site decoration

6, officially opened

a lot of people are also asking: how much is the cost of grain porridge road joining fee is as follows:

capital city: 30 thousand

prefecture level city: 20 thousand

County: 10 thousand

above is the cost of joining the brand, is not very high, is a small investment projects, if you have interest in joining, then hurry up.

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