How investors view the nternet business

How investors view the nternet business

May 29, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

2015 year of entrepreneurship is nearing completion, this year’s breakthrough in China’s pioneering work, especially in the field of Internet start-ups, the new entrepreneurs. Many investors in this economic transition reflects the 2015 entrepreneurial development, and the future direction of entrepreneurship.

"the world Internet Conference this week will be held in Wuzhen, the Chinese of new economy this one great hope…… The whole economy, entrepreneurship is a very important notes, is also very important element." Venture capitalists Wang Gongquan said yesterday at the annual meeting of the NetEase economist.

2015 China is facing a complex and severe international and domestic environment. On the current capital of the winter, the public entrepreneurship and the development of China’s economic transformation, many chiefs feel deeply.

For example,

Internet rapid growth in several ways, such as taxi drops, massive burn itself constitutes the threshold, give users enough concessions, the formation of a user’s monopoly, if the capital market recognition, or capital market cooperation, it will be a large-scale financing, financial funds to do their own business model, with the circle circle. This is the current rapid growth model.

"extensive, even fake, not by heart brain to engage in a product or service can make money era has passed, we need to be like Japan, Germany, intensive and meticulous farming of their products and services, don’t expect a windfall, walk slowly, finally walked into a hundred years old." Wang Gongquan said.

With the development of

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