What changes do you have in your small restaurant in 2012

What changes do you have in your small restaurant in 2012

May 29, 2017 fsnqaknv 0

as the saying goes, no matter what they hate unchanged. This will allow people to produce aesthetic fatigue, resulting in the feeling of boredom. So what will you do to your store in 2012? Shops usually have to find Wang Street shop will be like a cloud to the customer, generally slightly biased place to earn a lot of money, there are exceptions oh!

and many poor city, my wife and I have two hours due to the poor at home, not in a few days. The biggest ideal is to find a "eat imperial grain" with "stable salary", but because his ink is too small, the ideal can not be achieved, therefore had to rely on people to make a living by doing odd jobs. Since his son went to school, the economy has been very difficult to get embarrassed. Qiongzesibian, I told his wife said: "we are still trying to open the shop, now more and more old old, small also more and more, both need money, need to find ways to earn some money is. By little, this day is become poorer."

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