Catering enterprises do not jump these pits

Catering enterprises do not jump these pits

May 29, 2017 bksuroys 0

entrepreneurial wave swept through China, every day a large number of people to join the army, but the success is very few, a few months on the collapse of the people are also common, then the problem is where? Catering business entrepreneurs these pits you have to see, do not fall into the.

a, cost

the last two years, the district has been rent up word, labor costs are constantly rising, prices have been rising, the cost has been increasing never decreased, the face of high cost, many people chose to quit. In fact, the catering industry is a need for long-term investment in the industry, it is difficult to recover the cost of the short term, in the current market conditions, do not be completely restricted site, the use of the Internet is a new opportunity.

two, demand

A lot of

reached the catering industry people are not blind shop, analysis of the values of the market demand, the store of his own lack of detailed planning, the catering industry is already close to the saturated state, many restaurants are losing money, can not lose money is not easy to maintain, so be careful about market.

three, labor

China is now an increase in the number of elderly people every year, the number of young people is not so much, many are reluctant to engage in such an industry 90. And a high rate of job hopping, food and beverage industry on the one hand facing difficulties, on the other hand, faced with high cost problems. Now two thousand or three thousand of the staff wages are very few people willing to do, the cost has been rising.

four, marketing

is a former developed information industry, marketing effect is limited to their own values, but now it is different, do marketing on the Internet is not only their own place, will affect more people and places, make good use of the Internet, in order to better grasp the customer.

five, consumption habits

traditional ideas are to do their own product line, the other does not need to consider, but with the change of the consumer, a new generation of people pay more attention to brand and experience, more hope to be respected, so in the face of consumers face, also will have to adjust to.

above is the food and beverage industry to keep in mind the pit, know how to jump out of these pits!

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