Entrepreneurial alliance to pay attention to the trap Mo free to believe that money scene immeasurab

Entrepreneurial alliance to pay attention to the trap Mo free to believe that money scene immeasurab

May 29, 2017 nfyactcp 0

now there are a lot of deceptive projects on the market, joining in the selection of the project must be careful and cautious. Some migrant workers, college graduates in the search for the lost in the eyes of the Internet in the form of the form of advertising, but the mixed and diverse franchise so many entrepreneurs cheated. Over the past two years, the industry and commerce departments received a lot of franchisees cheated complaints.

[case]: not long ago, Lu Chuan County Lin Sha Po Zhen to find a franchise business, so the search from the Internet to a certain Wuhan energy saving and environmental protection advertisement said: the main production of energy-saving gas stove, only burning straw and sawdust and other agricultural waste, can produce gas, convenient operation a simple, economical and practical, no pollution, no danger of new type stove. Lin saw this advertisement was good, so personally to Wuhan for field trips. Manufacturers in the exhibition hall, Lin saw this project is of great value in rural areas, and with the manufacturers signed a contract to join, join the prepaid deposit fee of 30 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan, giving a sample, pay franchise fees before delivery. When Lin to take home samples. After use, found that the gas stove also installed an electric fan to normal use, the operation is very complicated, such as the case of no electricity, no use, not to mention the market. Lin believes that the manufacturers did not show the product in the exhibition hall to use the electric fan, there is a contract fraud, intends to conceal the product related performance, so call manufacturers to refund the deposit was rejected. Helpless, but to the business sector for help. In Lu Chuan, Wuhan, under the strong assistance of the industrial and commercial departments of the two, Lin was the contract to recover the contract.

[two]: the case of the end of 2007, Lu Chuan County Ning according to an online advertising investment, according to a Guangzhou based trading company to provide the format of the contract, the two sides signed a franchise agreement. Agreement: Ms. Ning to pay 30 thousand yuan to join the fee, the monthly purchase amount of up to $8000 in the contract period, after a year of operation, the company will join all the fees back. Ms. Ning payment, in order to join the form of a woman opened a jewelry store. But after a year of operations, Ms. Ning took the purchase documents to find the company’s requirements according to the agreement agreed to join the company to return the fees, but for various reasons to refuse to return. In early April this year, Ms. Ning again asked to return money to join, but saw more than 200 from around the country to join the company to recover to join, and found that the company does not exist production plant, usually sell their products are purchased from other manufacturers, the company is the name of the chain join the banner, cheat huge franchise fee, then empty with money.

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