Higher Vocational College entrepreneurship discrimination in the process of

Higher Vocational College entrepreneurship discrimination in the process of

May 18, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

the current state of the university students to provide a lot of entrepreneurial preferential policies, many college students are also in such a favorable environment to embark on the road to success. However, many of the country’s current policy, the object is only ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities, but the higher vocational students to miss. That is to say, the teachers and students in higher vocational colleges have been discriminated against in Colleges and universities.

11 early in the month, in order to better improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education targeted, era, effectiveness, the Ministry of Education issued a document to carry out the construction of the country’s top ten thousand outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship instructors work. This is a good thing, but not everyone is satisfied with it. For example, just a few days ago held the 2016 vocational and technical college innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, the higher vocational teachers will issue a question, why this talent pool is only for ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities?

in this regard, the writer inquires the relevant documents, is now the talent pool "submitted online instructions" mentioned in the country, thousands of outstanding innovative entrepreneurship talents database system as a subsystem of the National University of education information platform, for the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) open education department and the National Ordinary Colleges and universities.

in fact, the teacher had consulted the relevant departments on the matter, the staff’s answer is very frank: this time the higher vocational did not take into account the next consideration".

I do not know the increase in the number of open objects, the construction of the expert library itself will bring much technical problems. Think the problem should not be. At least the staff answer is "not taken into account", not "do not". But since you can do it, why wait until the next time?

should be said that in the current college students entrepreneurial boom, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of higher vocational students is not worse than undergraduates. On the contrary, because of their education and employment prospects, their entrepreneurial enthusiasm even more than undergraduate students, but whether it is the national policy or public attention, the entrepreneurial behavior of higher vocational college students seem to be not very much.

investigate the reason, in fact, it is not difficult to understand, after all, for a long time, vocational students themselves are not very concerned about the education sector. Limited by their own knowledge and skills, most of the entrepreneurial behavior of higher vocational students is the lack of high-tech survival type entrepreneurship, far less than some of the entrepreneurial behavior of college students on the tall".

so, in the entrepreneurial market, the higher vocational college students really return than ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities to bad? I don’t think it’s going to work out. Entrepreneurial behavior is more important for higher vocational students and higher vocational colleges. Because of the relative high vocational colleges and universities, and the distance from the market to be much closer, and its students are also more close to the market, the entrepreneurial behavior of this group will have a more natural

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