Exclusive share popular shop three commonly used marketing trick

Exclusive share popular shop three commonly used marketing trick

May 13, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

in the same street, why some shop business is cold, some business is very hot? In addition to outstanding product features, what impact? An observant person will find that marketing. Do a good job marketing, the store will naturally strong popularity. Below, this article to share the popular popular popular three marketing skills.

A, the use of community: the beautiful and tastes very basic and important


this is like a modern version of the mouth, past stores generally rely on sending leaflets, through radio and television advertising and the establishment of large billboards and other forms of products will convey the latest information and promotion information to customers. For a start-up has not enough publicity costs of the store, the use of the network is indeed a better way of publicity.

two, leaflets, DM "": leaflets can be discounted, the menu can be name card

in addition to coupons, there is a lock of the young Italy bar in Tokyo, spent a lot of time on the menu. The cover was designed by a mature man with sunglasses, and the font and layout of the menu were specially designed to convey the message that a mature adult could easily play. This menu is not just a menu, but also a promotional material, so that guests can be free to bring friends and relatives to see, to help themselves to promote a good purpose.

three, regular activities less: individual activities more easily showmanship

in Japan in the north of Fukuoka city Wine Kyushu Restaurant Le City Food and drink ", every week," treat "eat promotions, only need to spend 1000 yen, you can drink 5 hours Wine, this activity has successfully attracted many guests. According to store statistics, there are stores

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