Haiyan County entrepreneurship training base to create a dream incubator

Haiyan County entrepreneurship training base to create a dream incubator

May 13, 2017 tazhawsu 0

to start the business can not do without resources. Want to get the fastest related resources, stationed in the business incubator base is a good choice. Haiyan County, Jiaxing, the construction of a number of entrepreneurial training base for 80, 90 young entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial infrastructure and related consulting services.

arrived at "sea salt · China nuclear city core position – Qinshan Street No. 1 gold Wo Road Haiyan County entrepreneurship training base, the reporter saw, base from a five storey office building and building 3 modern standard workshop, in the business office, business studio more than and 30, Cloud Restaurant, gym and a cafe, Head Inn and other leisure entertainment area, indoor environment elegant, office furniture is complete, area of different sizes for the different needs of the enterprise rational choice; building 3 modern standard workshop also bright and spacious, training room, training room business and public conference rooms and other facilities to improve.

It is reported that

, Haiyan County entrepreneurship training base by Haiyan County Bureau of human resources and social security and co-founder of Qinshan street, at the end of 2014 was awarded the "Haiyan County e-commerce business building" title in Haiyan county. Business building for the electricity supplier entrepreneurs to provide bag in, rent relief, zero property, free Internet, business training and other services, and is equipped with restaurants, fitness facilities, Rest Area, business meetings and other infrastructure, while providing registration card, financing services, policy support and other consulting services for the business enterprise, is a multi the function of Industrial Park production, administrative office, business development, skills training in one of the.

"the Internet is popular new tools for entrepreneurship, innovation, can effectively create new consumer demand, triggering a new upsurge, open up new avenues of employment and investment." County Human Social Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, "Haiyan County entrepreneurship training base building as business incubator, create a good entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial atmosphere for entrepreneurship of college students, to build a mutual exchange, joint development, cooperation and win-win platform, we hope that through the efforts of a few years, many successful hatching business achievement of university students entrepreneurship dream."

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