Five tips to get the shop to shop before the first look

Five tips to get the shop to shop before the first look

May 13, 2017 tazhawsu 0

work without money, a lot of people want to open a shop, then, the shop where to make money? Is this problem bothering you? Today, Xiao Bian summed up the experience of the predecessors, the shop location technology to do a summary. Five tips to get the shop location, if you want to shop, we first look at these tips.

1, shop fit together

2, the more narrow the road is more suitable for shop

3, encountered a single line, to choose the right side of the door

if this path is a line of words, must choose suitable car door on the right side, "because it is a single line, the guests get off, just can come into your store, and the store is across the street!" Sun Litao said. As far as possible to facilitate the customer is a basic knowledge of business, if it is in the opposite direction of the shop, it will make your customers feel very inconvenient.

4, the steps may hinder the formation of

flow shop

5, head of the shop to large, no obstacles in front of

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