Catering positioning to understand the crevice thinking

Catering positioning to understand the crevice thinking

May 11, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

so famous university graduates choose to go home pig, go home to open a steamed stuffed bun shop, home kind of peach. News of a netizen a sob, and more is that if you go home to do these, you had to go to college? Now in China is not the case, more is to encourage college students to return home to start a business, for the success of the case of college students as a restaurant you can learn from what?

first revelation: positioning to precise

college students than any entrepreneurial groups have a greater advantage, because they have a clear understanding of the current market, their hearts have a very detailed planning. He has a very clear plan for the future development of a completely different and a lot of people blindly into the catering market boss, the boss is basically follow the trend, no clear positioning, the main reason is that they die, so to make a good shop, need to have a clear positioning.

second enlightenment: the use of good brand effect

this is a very common phenomenon in every industry, catering after a good location, their restaurant will be highlighted, in order to better grasp the needs of consumers, good quality, consumers are willing to pay a premium to buy, good quality will have a brand, the formation of brand effect has been exclusively self.

third revelations: do the details of

has such a sentence: details determine success or failure. This sentence is also very reasonable in the food and beverage industry, restaurant service and restaurant dishes are to be integrated into the overall style of the restaurant. Do not appear and the restaurant does not take the details.

food no matter what you choose, must be distinguished from competitors, highlighting their own characteristics and brand.

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