How to run a barbecue Stores

How to run a barbecue Stores

May 11, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

nowadays, such as barbecue food, always very attractive. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the barbecue project are very powerful selection. High quality and delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship is not you are also very exciting? So, how to run a barbecue shop?

first barbecue grill to do a good job of the product, at least to the characteristics, and then focus on the recommendation. Because of the characteristics of things can be caused by the aftertaste, we usually go to eat barbecue experience, often in order to eat a variety of their own proud; second, do not do promotions, because there is no affinity promotion. But each table should add food (vegetables, fruit, beer hair), it is best to send the boss himself, and then took the opportunity to ask the customer to taste and service evaluation. Customers often go to the barbecue shop is to make them feel comfortable place, this atmosphere is mainly to create their own boss early, which is the focus of cohesion.

again, listen to the views of the customer, the customer is not satisfied with the local improvement; then, the waiter’s work flow carey planned, during the day to do some service training. Customers hate low efficiency and out of order, the minimum requirements for food and drinks to the hair in place; the ventilation must be good, at least enough fan, or else there will be people in the outside; chairs don’t paved Xianpu part, then many people gradually spread, people always appear much. Early can also pull some friends and relatives to charge number; when people flow much more attention to propaganda leaflets, product characteristics, can arouse people’s curiosity! Finally remind, operating barbecue stores don’t forget with the distinctive taste and service, give your own shop attract some popular Oh, the lack of popular barbecue franchise shop, even your estimate is not willing to patronize.

2017 opened a barbecue shop belonging to their own, easy to open a shop, worry shop, come to make money. So, the choice of the project to join the barbecue, what are you still hesitating?

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