Fifty common means of business fraud

Fifty common means of business fraud

May 10, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

start on the road, full of frustrations, fear or encounter a liar, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, victorious! When we learned of their usual trick, can help guard against small! In the online collection of 50 common cheating means, in the hope of your business on the road to give you a little more help, away from the fraud against


1, telephone network. A new way of communication using broadband technology. Policy has not yet opened, universal need time.

2, ckd. Most of them are cheating or fee. As the advertisement says the assembly of electronic pen, free parts, freight charge, a processing fee of 1.5 yuan. In fact, this pen market price 0.8 yuan / branch. You came to the door, he will ask you to join the high fees or deposits, in fact these parts and freight are included in it. They earn is the initial fee, they will do the business of losing money

3 month, the strawberry: no management, as long as the seed in the earth, you just wait a month picking fruit. This is a strawberry variety, but it is not enough to say, purely speculation behavior.

5, aloe plant: indeed has a high nutritional value and medicinal value, but the real recovery unit of the poor, the current extensive use of aloe units have their own planting base. A liar is to sell their seeds.

6, is China Northeast Forest Frog: treasure, can be extracted from Rana oil, but not every culture. Don’t be fooled.

7, Cordyceps: technology is not mature, the success is North Cordyceps (a similar Cordyceps.). Even the most authoritative scientists are still in the experimental stage, not to mention a large area to promote the. But a liar has claimed that the north and south for everyone to do, no matter what kind of soil, it seems that as long as you can get rich, it is nonsense.

8, American frog: really, the market prospects are good. But in the Chinese market, it is difficult to have a real American frog seedlings. The so-called seedlings, almost all their own training.

9, the project being false, "the name being" who is completely premeditated make the. Is actually a guinea pig, the liar those worthless animal crown a new name, then known as the rare animal, misleading operators, to send ill-gotten gains. They carry out seedling sales, earn money is seedlings.

10, such as "money, earn 10 million, not too much", "6000 yuan Kuangzhuan 6 million", "to a county can earn 10 million", "one agent when a rich world"…… Is it really that good?

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