The two dimensional code collection should pay attention to what the whole

The two dimensional code collection should pay attention to what the whole

May 6, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

relative to the traditional cash payment, not only need to carry cash, but also may encounter counterfeit money, the current two-dimensional code payment is undoubtedly more popular. It is because of this modern payment method has a lot of advantages, will become the owner and consumers will trust the payment. However, in the modern complex environment, any payment may have various problems. Two dimensional code collection also has a lot of attention.

at present, the province’s cigarette retail businesses have been widely used two-dimensional code to pay for security signs, due to the lack of necessary security measures, it is very easy to be forged criminals, exchange, there is a big security risk. February 21st, the has been reported in Nanan retail households in the case of accepting a case when WeChat payment, other areas of two-dimensional code payment scam also occurs. Now the author for the majority of retail users weapon, in the use of two-dimensional code receivables should pay attention to the following three points:

1, must be added to the license number, address, etc. in the production of ordinary pay two-dimensional code sign, if can add lingshouhu signature, even photos and other images, increase the cost and difficulty of forgery, at the same time as the substitution can discover.

2, two-dimensional code to pay the nameplate installed in a prominent position, convenient for consumers to scan consumption, it is best to place the location of a fixed warning signs, not easy to be moved, replaced, covered.

3, two-dimensional code scanning payments can be timely to receive information, such as the failure to receive information in a timely manner to terminate the transaction or converted into cash transactions.

use two-dimensional code to pay this is convenient, but if some attention did not pay attention to, resulting in economic losses, which is undoubtedly outweigh the benefits. But in the new era, the modern payment is undoubtedly necessary. So, if you can pay attention to the above three points, will make the two-dimensional code collection more smoothly.

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