Han Palace Korean barbecue barbecue market prospects attractive

Han Palace Korean barbecue barbecue market prospects attractive

May 4, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

is now good or not to do the essence of what the taste of food, unpalatable food, decoration and then gorgeous, no matter how good the service attitude will not be a customer presence. In the increasingly high quality requirements of China, the taste of food is the decisive factor in the success of the food and beverage industry, the barbecue industry is also the case.

10 billion people in the market wealth: there are 1 billion 400 million people in China, of which no less than 1 billion of our target consumers, is the world’s largest consumer market. 2011 domestic food and beverage market consumption exceeded 1 trillion and 500 billion mark, an increase of nearly 20%. On average, only 50 yuan a year to eat barbecue, nearly $50 billion per year sales. Such a huge consumer market, it has to be the focus of attention, easy to get rich in the Han Palace Korean barbecue.

10 grade requirements: China million people have stepped into a well-off society, consumer demand is no longer just fill the stomach, but also taste the world various delicious food consumption, the pursuit of fashion and personality. Han kettle palace, Korean court cuisine features barbecue, Royal room boutique cuisine, civilian consumer prices, noble and not expensive, in line with the Chinese consumer psychology.

The unlimited demand

10 million people: "eat" the market is different from the "wear" and other market, most people eat three meals a day, but never buy clothes every day. Han Palace roast paper on the barbecue is not just a barbecue, including a variety of Korean specialty food, so that consumers forget, consumption.

Han Palace Korean barbecue barbecue market prospects are very attractive, worthy of attention and attention of more investors. Join the Han Palace Korean BBQ kettle chain stores, headquarters will be unified training for franchisees, let all franchisees can quickly grasp the management method and the normal operation of the system at the same time, the Han Palace Korean BBQ kettle headquarters will also provide decoration design for all franchisees, make investment plus the union spent less money. Earn high profits. Han Palace Korean barbecue barbecue, small investment, high income, suitable for the majority of operators, but also suitable for large-scale operation. Choose the success of the Han Dynasty palace Han barbecue, let you easily profit, easy to get rich!

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