Dazhou province to play a strong talent strategy for the introduction of talent

Dazhou province to play a strong talent strategy for the introduction of talent

May 1, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

a company wants to gain sustainable development based on the market, can not be separated from the cultivation of outstanding talent, so the ability to retain talent is a good business enterprise, do not worry about their strength in the market. Only a short while ago, Dazhou, cited only talent is difficult to stay. 2012 years ago, the city’s all kinds of sophisticated talent accounted for only 1.4% of the total talent. Face the reality of "shortage of high-level talent short board", Dazhou City, accelerate the "talent strong city" strategy, the implementation of the "thousand yuan in Dazhou" as an important starting point for the introduction of high level talents.

at present, is the successful introduction of Shuobo talent 1233, 7 times at the end of 2011 yuan total personnel, covering chemical environmental protection and urban construction planning, forestry, water conservancy, health education and other industries, initially formed a good situation of talent supporting industries, industrial agglomeration of talents. Get rid of the barriers of "Introduction"

cited before, the key to a breakthrough in the mechanism innovation. Dazhou municipal Party committee, municipal government through the establishment of "on deepening reform of talent development system promoting the leapfrog development of the implementation of views" "Dazhou talent introduction, cultivation and management measures" of the "thousand yuan in Dazhou" action implementation opinions "and other policy documents, for the introduction of high-end talent has opened up a" Easy Access". With a master’s degree or above, or more than half of the professional titles of technical personnel, take a direct assessment approach to work in enterprises and institutions.

City, county level two in the province took the lead in the establishment of the talent reserve center, there is no vacancy for the preparation of the urgent need for the introduction of qualified personnel, the introduction of the talent reserve center and employed by the employing unit. The city has approved the preparation of the reserve personnel turnover 263, the successful introduction of natural gas energy and chemical industry, environmental protection, law and other urgent need for professional and technical personnel reserve of 115.


will be held on-site recruitment, press conference, site promotion and other centralized promotion activities, issued notice widely cited only, carry out "1+N" group of supporting activities cited only has formed 20 talents teams dispatched to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan and other places more than 200 key universities to carry out "face to face" the action. Attract nearly 10000 yuan talent online registration, to create a good atmosphere of talents. Focus on the development of talent before

is the best Pepsi xing. In order to promote the full release of the talent dividend, the city adhere to play a role in the role of talent, the talent will be transformed into an intellectual advantage, and promote talent in the process of reform and development in Dazhou to achieve the value of life.

to ensure that the introduction of talent to thrive, Dazhou city adhere to the excellent talents in key positions in important sectors, and the hard line exercise, has sent 62 talents hanging magistrate assistant, township party deputy, corporate vice president and other positions, the selection of more than recommended

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