French wine ten brands list the whole

French wine ten brands list the whole

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When it comes to red wine,

naturally mentions france. After all, France is famous for its wine. As a wine country, but also has a lot of brands. Here, the small series to introduce the ten major brands of French wine list, so that you can choose to be more suitable for the French wine brand.

France wine ten brands list NO.1, Bordeaux:

France magry Red Wine Co. Ltd is the world famous wine Chateau, Bordeaux Margaret red Wine is famous in the world, it is supple and meticulous, charming, "French Wine Queen" reputation, is the world’s largest producer Wine recognized.

France wine ten brands list NO.2, Bertus:

The first is of course

Petrus success quality win. The quality of quality is derived from its pursuit of the art of perfectionism. Chateau covers an area of 12 hectares. Annual production of about five thousand boxes of wine. The selection of more than 90% of grape varieties is Mei Le (Merlot), so it is also The greatest of Merlot the world. (the best Mei Le in the world)

France’s top ten wine brands NO.3, white horse Zhuang:

is located on the right side of the holy city of Bordeaux? Emilo (St.Emilion) region. With the "red wine king" Bertus (Petrus) adjacent to the name of the village, together to share the Bordeaux (Isle) Hill vineyards, which is a myth of a long history of the land of the. In 1955, the district level, the white horse in the ranks of the 68 ranks of the first tier winery in the A group of one of the two villages, is also one of the top names in Bordeaux.

French wine ten brands list, NO.4:

thin silk

is definitely a dilute Elsie home drinking wine, if you don’t drink Wine treasures around the world often, is not aware of it, known as the southern French wine king of southern France, Bertus. Because of the scarcity of production, is a rare art Wine in southern France, with complex, of rich lychee sweet and elegant tannins, rich fruity, like a stunning beauty kept in purdah, quietly waiting for people to appreciate her veil.

ten French wine brand ranking NO.5, Chateau Ausone:

Chateau Ausone is one of the two super Chateau Saint Emilion area, along with the white horse village. It is only 7 hectares of land, with an annual output of about 2500 boxes, high quality but very little yield, so the wine critic predicted that may later >

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