The bill to make the customer wins

The bill to make the customer wins

April 16, 2017 ckrekbra 0

is now a lot of customers in order to attract consumers, will increase the number of services, coupled with high quality service, and has won numerous customers with development of shop business will naturally have a great help. To this end, the store has added a new business, collect phone calls.

whether it is mobile, China Unicom, China Netcom, whether local or foreign, as long as the phone number to tell me, I can help them in the computer on the payment successy, not only saves time and effort, and convenient for customers, welcome. And each service, I will charge a dollar service fee, I also enjoy.

actually in a very long time ago, I know the collection of calls this business. A few years ago, I also tried to do in the past, when it is to sell a variety of prepaid cards, cell phone cards, is basically a earn one or two yuan. But only for a few months, I announced the surrender, not to sell. There are three reasons, one is in each card, need 1000 or 2000 yuan of funds, I feel the extreme pressure of money, less profit, inappropriate. Two are you belong to the people who have be negligent, often do not know how many cards, sometimes while selling things, while selling cards, always suspected someone to take away my pilfering card.

third points, but also the most important point: a lot of older customers will not recharge their own, after buying cards often need my help. When I was alone, because there are too many other customers to serve, can’t help them to secure card charge end, always afraid of busy time a careless, filling the wrong number, I still have to compensate, sell cards in order to make money, but such a thing happened, really The loss outweighs the gain. To sum up, I give up.

this year, there are always customers come to my shop and asked me: "can collect calls?" I always smile and shake my head. Although I also know online recharge business, but because of a lesson, but also because recharge does not make money, only earn a yuan, also feel shy and familiar people said the fees, really don’t want to do.

once, a little girl came in a hurry, help me pay the bill, a little faster!" I looked up at her. "I can’t handle it! " she was surprised. "How could it be? Now which computer supermarket can not pay the bill?" Don’t believe it.

her words touched me, every supermarket is in charge, why don’t I do it? This is not always push their customers out? Business is also afraid of trouble? After thinking about it for two days, I decided to start this business. Soon run all the procedures in the collection, so I am pleased that many customers don’t I speak directly to my understanding of the special fee, also said to me: "all are in charge, you have received it, a small business is not easy."


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