The cougar join achievement than maintenance

The cougar join achievement than maintenance

April 15, 2017 uttpdooa 0

simple way to join the choice is the best choice for small business. How about a Jaguar car? Quality projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Jaguar car maintenance? 2017, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Such a good choice to join the matter, do not you echocardiography?

The Jaguar

petroleum products (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a production, development and sales of automotive lubricants, motorcycle oil, industrial oil, engineering machinery and greases, brake oil, antifreeze, car care products, chemical additives and other products in the field of petroleum enterprises. "Jaguar car maintenance" belongs to the "Puma petroleum products (Beijing) Co., Ltd.", composed of paint fast repair, maintenance, car beauty, tire oil conservation, four projects, the name of the cougar maintenance technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. chain. Jaguar has formed a collection of R & D, production, chain, marketing, service as one of the modern automobile after market service brand. Puma by virtue of its strong economic strength and mature management experience, and relying on professional services, multi-faceted publicity and chain business model successy establish a brand image, has earned a good reputation and performance.

Tonghua aoling auto trade limited company of Tonghua City, Jilin Province, is a large private enterprise, has Chinese FAW Tonghua service station, Tonghua Huaxin heavy automobile sales and Service Co. Ltd. and Jinbei, small liberation light truck service station, car maintenance center Ridge Road four repair factory. Ao Ling Ling automobile trade limited company, has served as the Tonghua municipal CPPCC members, Tonghua Municipal People’s Congress Committee, Dongchang District People’s Congress, Tonghua City Federation of industry and Commerce Committee, vice chairman of the association of women entrepreneurs and other social positions. In order to seek long-term survival and development of enterprises, and actively seek standardization, scale, brand strength of enterprises to cooperate. Ling in the car after the market for a wide range of service brands in a variety of search and field visits, and ultimately will be locked in the eyes of leopard.

In general

Ling made a special trip to Beijing to investigated Jaguar petroleum products (Beijing) Co., Ltd. production base, Jaguar car maintenance for first-class products and equipment, witnessed the Jaguar car maintenance standardized comprehensive service process, zero distance and puma heart intimate discussion and exchange after a thumbs up, even more convinced of her choice! Jaguar car maintenance alliance. Then, in Tonghua, signed a distribution agreement for Jaguar functional lubricants. Since its establishment, the company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the Austrian Automotive Trade Co., Ltd. and the Jaguar petroleum products (Beijing) Co., ltd..

then, Ling always resolutely promote cooperation in progress, the first time the company assigned students to Beijing headquarters to receive technical training on a. In the hands of professional technicians under the hands of students to master quickly, and in July 10th the investment technology exhibition day end

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