West District 6 inspectors investigating the work style violations will be liable

West District 6 inspectors investigating the work style violations will be liable

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"are these papers ready to throw away?" "No, the back of these files can also be used." On the afternoon of February 21st, Xining City West District government office building cleaning member Chen sister saw the West District Party Committee Propaganda Department, a staff member is finishing the paper, so asked up. This staff to explain to the sister Chen, and now the West District of the region are carried out in turn style activities, not only to save the use of paper, electricity, water and other resources to be saved.


, the central province, Xining city to carry out turn style work, Chengxi District in addition to promote conservation office, also provides streamline meetings and conferences, serious discipline go, simplify the reception work, strictly control the number and improve the quality of the document to strengthen the management of vehicles etc..

February 19th, West District in the region issued a "notice" on the strengthening of the outstanding problems and the implementation of the rectification work style "notice concerning further strict work discipline and improve the style of work, requiring all departments and units to strictly abide by the schedule, work on time, work time to do Internet chat, play games, read novels eat snacks, has nothing to do with your work. To strictly leave system, without undue absenteeism, leave; because things undergo shall consult the report, handle the relevant formalities are not allowed to leave, without close communication tools, affect the normal work. West also requires the region to advocate sunshine service, smiling service, fine service, honest service, and the service window units in the region, law enforcement agencies to carry out quality service activities. On the service window staff grooming appearance, civilized language, behavior, attitude and other aspects of service requirements, and then implement. The administrative law enforcement officers to carry out re training of civilized law enforcement, improve the overall quality of administrative law enforcement officers to better serve the people. Du door firmly into the hard, ugly face, so ugly, happen impatient, not warm phenomenon; according to the "everyone has something to do, everything was tubes" work mode, do the work to overcome the mediocre, Every order is executed without fail., explain away habits, improve work efficiency.

addition, the west district has also been established by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the district Party committee and other departments composed of 6 inspectors. By listening to the report, review the relevant information, on-site view, unannounced visits, telephone hotlines and other measures to establish the work style of the various departments and units, and seriously investigate violations of discipline. All units and individuals were verified the existence of the problem, will be strictly accountable parties and the main responsibility of leadership in the region’s criticism and accountability, serious party cadres will be in accordance with Party discipline seriously. West District has also set up a phone call: 0971-6146266, accept social supervision. (author: Wu Yachun)

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