27 thousand and 500 new jobs this year Xining employment projects benefit people

27 thousand and 500 new jobs this year Xining employment projects benefit people

April 6, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

Xining City, through the initiative to create a business service platform, improve the public employment service system, to serve college graduates and other measures to further promote the employment of people’s livelihood project. This year, the city’s 27 thousand and 500 new jobs in urban areas, all kinds of unemployed workers employed by the people of the employment difficulties and the "4050" personnel to achieve employment of 2346 people, the rural surplus labor transfer employment of 389 thousand and 800 people in 21 thousand and 300.

Xining city employment as livelihood was arrested, expand the employment of college graduates training base scale, the city’s existing employment training base 47, 1775 people through the probation and the employer signed the contract, the total number of trainee 47.93%. Since 2010, there are 130 college graduates settled in entrepreneurial incubation base, entrepreneurship driven employment of more than 1700 people, to honor the rent subsidy of 1 million 130 thousand yuan. For the 1132 graduates pay social security subsidies, job subsidies and one-time award 12 million 470 thousand yuan, issuing small loans 2 million 60 thousand yuan for 30 college graduates; held 169 college students entrepreneurship training, training 827 people, 171 people after the success of entrepreneurship training; the establishment of college graduates employment service window, strengthening the employment guidance work, successively launched the "post test for students collection", "free talent assessment" and a series of practical activities. This year, the college graduates held special recruitment activities 8 games, providing jobs more than 10 thousand.

at the same time, Xining city has also introduced policies to encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training organized by the national training camp activities, strengthening entrepreneurship training of teachers, enhance the level of entrepreneurship training; the city’s existing business incubator 15; small loans successful lending amount 53 million 965 thousand yuan; more than 25 entrepreneurs achieve 1 million 810 thousand yuan loan guarantee companies through love.

"employment assistance" and "spring action" and other public employment special action in Xining is also promoting employment project of the main activities of the first half of a total of 78 sessions held various job fairs, providing 32 thousand and 900 jobs, reached employment intentions of 6723 people; the first half of the elimination of zero employment families of 130 households, 238 households living in helping family members employment, job training cash subsidies of 18 million 150 thousand yuan for 34 industrial enterprises, 3 million 960 thousand yuan cash job subsidies for 111 households Small and micro businesses.

this year, the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.06%, the transfer of rural labor force labor income 1 billion 815 million yuan, entrepreneurship training 1725 people, 1904 people to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training of rural labor employment 7198 people, 19 thousand and 800 people, the unemployment insurance extension number 3307.


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