For summer sports enhance the vitality of Xining win

For summer sports enhance the vitality of Xining win

April 6, 2017 bksuroys 0

sports is not only the symbol of social development and human progress, but also the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of a region and a city. Sports can promote the city’s culture, personality and characteristics, therefore, is inextricably linked with the development of city sports, play multiple functions of sports, on the construction of innovative city, to achieve leapfrog development is of great significance. In recent years, Xining sports to fully implement the "national fitness regulations", to promote the "National Fitness Program" the implementation of the innovation idea, establish the fine management, characteristic construction, brand development, to seize the key livelihood projects, sports fitness, sports to keep close to the masses, leading and emerging sports promotion in particular, to pay close attention to the fundamental symbol of mass sports, competitive sports as the leading sports infrastructure has been greatly improved, the city to promote the improvement of the environment, stimulating economic growth of a city, lead the development of related industries, has important role to promote the progress of civilization city.

at the same time, the new year’s day race, international kite tournament, mountain bike challenge, some brand events continue to grow, become the summer capital of Xining development of Xining sports in the name card, therefore, to provide important support for the development of the city, improve the core competitiveness in international competition, has played a very active role to highlight the vitality of Xining summer.

three major brands have a large-scale

in recent years, Xining sports brand awareness, and actively create some brand events, which in Xining New Year’s race, the international kite tournament, plateau mountain bike challenge three mass sports brand events have charm, size increased year by year, also have a certain influence. There are thousands of people to participate in the new year’s day round the world cup has been held for 40 consecutive years, becoming the only one to adhere to the provincial capital of the city’s annual round of 40 games. Along with the lake race to grow together in the Xining mountain bike challenge has begun to take shape, the province to create an atmosphere of cycling. Unique geographical, climatic conditions held by the international plateau kite Invitational at home and abroad.

through the mass sports brand events continue to build, the mass sports events in Xining is gradually moving to the domestic and international, national fitness in the specification, the scientific development of the road to lay a solid foundation.

sports for the city to win glory

amateur training personnel training to focus on the layout of the province’s sports program, to improve the sports school in Xining as the leading area;

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