Ten pension services in our province policy

Ten pension services in our province policy

April 2, 2017 upgypqbj 0

— the leading role of pension service development planning

accelerate the "overall planning of social pension service facilities (2015-2020)" "community elderly professional maintenance facilities construction plan (2015-2020)" community "barrier free facilities construction plan"

– pension services investment and financing support policy

The financial department of civil affairs, the provincial government will be

and CDB for social endowment service system construction of fiscal policy, investment and financing in the main building, the pension industry development fund, expand market financing channels, focusing on the construction of public infrastructure, community old-age security pension mechanism construction, all kinds of older apartments, community building, provide very good financing platform and financial service mechanism for social forces to participate in the pension services.

— the land supply policy for the construction of the pension service facilities

, I will be in strict accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of land and resources for the "guidance" of the pension service facilities, the new construction project of pension services consistent with the overall land use planning, take priority for, encourage long-term leases, allocated for a variety of ways to protect pension services, but also encourage and revitalize the stock with for pension service facilities.

: preferential tax policies for pension services

according to the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission in November 28th issued "on the reduction of pension and medical institutions of administrative fees related issues notice" (taxation 2014 No. 77) the spirit of the implementation of preferential pricing policy.

– government subsidies for the purchase of pension services

Xining from October 1, 2014 to start the government to buy home and community pension services pilot. For more than 60 years old and the elderly who are over the age of more than 80 years of age to help the elderly, help bath, help emergency, medical help, cleaning, emergency relief and psychological comfort and other pension services. Among them 60 years of age or more elderly people per month allowance of $150, more than 80 years of age per person per month allowance of $60. Institutional pension subsidies for the elderly poor 500 yuan per person per month, the average number of elderly people per month $180.

– social forces to participate in public pension reform policy

in the future, in addition to supplementary pension services necessary to meet the requirements of other government, has not yet run operation of public pension services, pension services to actively implement privatization, encourage pension services, professional pension services to the community organizations and enterprises to actively participate in the pension service contract, lease and entrustment management.

: the policy of supporting social forces to participate in the integration of medical care and pension

provincial government document No. 33, has been clearly defined, allowing pension institutions to meet the conditions of medical institutions and medical insurance into the fixed point; allow medical institutions to set up pension beds, to carry out maintenance services for the elderly.