The first 8 days of excellent air quality in Xining

The first 8 days of excellent air quality in Xining

April 2, 2017 odsgvvpg 0

in May, frequent rainfall, long swept around in my over the city dust weather, people obviously feel a lot of fresh air, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, as of 8, the city has 6 days of excellent air quality, including 8 days of air quality is to get out of the first "this year".

it is understood that this year by the impact of sandstorm days and two dust, the city’s concentration of particulate matter has been high, resulting in air quality was not optimistic. In order to make our city air quality has improved, the municipal environmental protection departments from the beginning of April 22nd, according to the project in the city construction and demolition is extensive, not standardized, resulting in two times more serious dust pollution carried out special rectification. The sky and weather, frequent rainfall inhibited the dust, let me, decreased the concentration of particles in the air. Monitoring data show that the first 8 days of May, in addition to the 1, 3, the city’s air quality in the light of the pollution of the outside, the 2, the 5 day, the day of 6, the city’s air quality has reached a good; on the 8 day, the air quality is to achieve the best in the world, and the air quality of the city in the year of 7. Subsequently, the reporter in the Xining air quality real-time release system to see, 9, 14, the city’s air quality automatic monitoring stations to monitor the air quality are good 4. Municipal Environmental Monitoring Station relevant responsible person said, let me for the city’s air quality has been continuously improved, the construction site must pay attention to dust, muck cars on the road must also be prepared to block, don’t let these factors adversely affect the air quality of the environment. (reporter Rong Lijun)


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